Ravid, 20, Israel ~ 6/11/2013 - The killers live at hammersmith apollo, London,
best day of my life
gimme tix to the midnight show

MY 2013! On May 2013 i got a text message from my mum which says that The Killers planning to come to Israel for the first time !!!!!!!!!!!!! It was the best day of my life. i couldn’t see anything from excitement !! I was shaking. Since that day - i made everything just to help it happen. I woke up EVERY morning with that. I’m going to see THE.BOYS.OMG.- I talked to the producer  and make a video and stuff, i talked to any possible person i promised to buy 10 tickets. I got a message that it really going to happen!! I was so happy !! the concert supposed to be on 13th of october. On july 30th i came home from work to see posts all over the internet - The band cancelled the concert. i cried for WEEKS. i didn’t smile, didn’t eat. my parents was really worry. i lost some of my weight. I wanted to go to any concert in europe, but it was the end of BB already:| i didnt have enough money to the USA or Asia. When i heard about the Hammersmith concert i knew that it’s my chance!!! i bought tickets (my parents were kind enough to give me the money) my family wasn’t happy that i’ll go alone with my 2 sisters abroad. But i bought the deal already. After 4 days i was on a plane to London. It was the best day of my life, i want to thank God and my parents and the boys and all of the victims. I’ve been 2 feet away from the band. MY BATTLE IS WON. 2013 will be the best year forever. I love you Victims♥ Thanks for reading♥ HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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    Thank you sweetie!!!
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    This is so sweet! I’m so happy everything worked out for you 💜
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